Esotouric presents... Save the Parrot Tree at Santa Ana Main Library


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This video vignette introduces our latest historic tree preservation campaign in collaboration with environmental horticulturist Dr. Donald R. Hodel. Since he retired from his university position, Don has dedicated himself to planting small trees and advocating with cities, politicians and private land owners to find ways of saving inconvenient big trees like this one.

We were excited to come together on this campaign, as it features four of our favorite things: highly intelligent urban wildlife, architecturally distinguished libraries, old cemeteries under new buildings, and local government sneaking around to do something citizens would oppose, if they only knew it was happening.

You can learn more about the threats to The Parrot Tree and Santa Ana’s sneakiness on our blog or main Substack newsletter, and how you can send an email to help save this wonderful tree.

Next Saturday’s Pasadena Confidential is a return of one of our original crime bus tours, newly rerouted to include more time off the bus and a couple of wild new stories. If you dig rocket science, black magic, monkeys, robots and infrastructure, you’ll dig this tour. Join us, do!

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