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Esotouric presents... Hanging out with Old Glory Oak, soon to be a Los Angeles County Landmark


Gentle reader,

Thanks for subscribing to our video newsletter, which mostly serves as a subscription channel for viewing the long form Los Angeles history webinars that kept us sane through the pandemic lock down.

This video vignette honors the newly nominated Los Angeles County landmark, the Old Glory Oak, and appears in our latest regular newsletter, along with with historic preservation links and musings here.

This Saturday’s walking tour The Run is a brand new one, revealing the hiding in plain sight LGBTQ history of Downtown Los Angeles. The neon flickered out long ago, but the stories will buzz and flicker in your heart forever. Join us, do!

yours for Los Angeles,

Kim & Richard


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New! The Run: Gay Downtown History Walk (Sat. 7/8) •Westlake Park Walk (Sat. 7/15) • Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles Bus Tour (Sat. 7/22) • Angelino Heights & Carroll Avenue Walk (Sat. 8/5) • Charles Bukowski’s Los Angeles Bus Tour (Sat. 8/12)

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Deep Los Angeles History Videos
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