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Esotouric presents... Nathan Marsak in "Lost on Bunker Hill"

Gentle reader,

Thanks for subscribing to our video newsletter, which mostly serves as a subscription channel for viewing the long form Los Angeles history webinars that kept us sane through the pandemic lock down.

Our regular newsletter with closely watched trains historic preservation links and musings is here. And this video vignette is about an upcoming walking tour and some publication news: We’re wishing a happy guidebook release day to Mr. Bunker Hill, Nathan Marsak!

Our cranky preservation pal has just cracked the seal on boxes of the newly published Marsak’s Guide to Bunker Hill, a retro-styled companion to the post-redevelopment landmarks that replaced the Victorian mansions, boarding houses and corner stores that got clear cut by the Federal bulldozer.

And as much as we miss the Bunker Hill that was, we’ve got to admit there are some fine modern buildings and landscapes up there on the new hill.

We’re celebrating Nathan’s achievement with an all new walking tour, Bunker Hill’s Modernist Marvels on Saturday, June 17. Pick up a copy on tour day, or direct from Nathan before then, and get it personally inscribed.

This video preview documents a recent afternoon scrambling around the upcoming tour route with Nathan, with a marked up author’s proof copy of the guidebook and a reproduction Bunker Hill Avenue street sign in tow. But gee, it was kind of lonesome up there, so next time, let’s make a guidebook release party of it. Join us, do!

yours for Los Angeles,

Kim & Richard


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