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John Waters' Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Preview


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This video vignette offers a first look at the freakiest official thing ever to happen on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The master of bad taste cinema, John Waters, is getting an honorary star on Monday, September 18 at 11:30am right in front of the Larry Edmunds Bookshop. We stopped by yesterday to see the state of the half-cured terrazzo and congratulate our book slinging pal Jeff Mantor.

He’s pretty tickled about his filthy new neighbor, and wants everyone to know his shop has a limited number of signed copies of the brand new Academy Museum exhibition catalog John Waters: Pope of Trash available. You can even pre-order online, skip school to catch the ceremony in person, then pick up your book once the famous people get off the sidewalk.

If you can’t make it to Hollywood on Monday, they’ll be livestreaming the ceremony on the Walk of Fame website.

yours for Los Angeles,

Kim & Richard


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